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Large Food Court Eatery in a mall needed low-maintenance plants in a variety of unusual sized planters.

In larger triangle planters we used Calatheas & Traveller's Palms, finished with bonded pebbles, giving a taller rlush green feel.

On the long low narrow planters we used a selection of randomly placed & spaced Succulents. The variety of greens, browns, reds & burgundys, contrasted beautifully against the bonded cream pebbles. By randomly varying spaces, groupings & colours, we acheived a very natural & interesting effect. These succulents apart from being very robust & well-secured, are in a public space, & can be easily replaced if damaged or stolen...

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Address: 4 / 117 Ashmore Rd, Benowa QLD , Australia 4217


Google Maps: See our location online.

Toll Free: +61755278955

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