Wall-Panels Ivy/Fern UV x30 [approx 7m2]

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a selection of ready-2-hang light-weight artificial 'Living' Walls in various sizes...

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    fake green-hedges; sun-tolerant artificial walls

    Articial Plants - Wall-Panels Ivy/Fern UV x30 [approx 7m2]
    synthetic plants trees supplier
    synthetic plants trees supplier


    artificial Ivy/Fern Panels for fitting as hedge, on a screen, fence or wall

    -UV-treated sun-tolerant alternative to boxwood products in that they have diversity of foliage size, shape & colours

    -handy 60 x 40cm size, clips together easily to cover large areas

    -also easy to trim to exact size of flow around windows, TV,s etc

    -can be purchased as single mat or with discount for quantities of 4 [approx 1m2] & 30 [approx 7m2]



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