Trough Planters- with Bamboo-Palms 2m tall

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  • $499.00

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    • Planter Colour
      Off-White Planter
      Charcoal Planter
      Base Finish [all bonded]
      Black Pebbles [bonded]
      Cream Pebbles [bonded]
      White Pebbles [bonded]
      natural chip-bark [bonded]

    trough planter with artificial palms

    Articial Plants - Trough Planters- with Bamboo-Palms 2m tall
    synthetic plants trees supplier
    synthetic plants trees supplier
    synthetic plants trees supplier

    artificial plants in lite-weight planter to screen or divide areas

    -easy low-maintenance solution

    -lite-weight means easy to move to reconfigure areas or for cleaning

    -planters look like heavy terrazzo-stone but are actually light-weight fibreglass

    -weather-proof, sturdy construction

    -size- planter 35x 35cm square x 80cm long with finished height floor-to tip 1.6m

    -purchase price of planters includes

    - fitting of plants into planter with inserts 

    -a choice of bonded pebbles or bonded chip-bark at plant base

    -planter available in 

    -off-white with light grey fleck 

    -charcoal in light grey fleck

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