Concrete walls to green oasis with artificial plants...

Client in inner-city penthouse with a private pool courtyard was unhappy with the bland concrete walls around 2 sides of pool. The area was too hot to grow live plants even if they had the time

-they asked us for answers & options

-because there was so little room around pool, we suggested close-fitting green-wall panels aligned on both walls. The area is very hot & sunny, requiring UV-treated plants, so rather than just use plain wall-panels [like everybody else!], we introduced a proper backing plate & added to wall-panels with Bay Laurel bushes in random patches as well as small areas of white Seaside Daisy clumps for interest.

-To fit into their budget we did not fill entire concrete walls, but by positioning 2x green-walls in alignment centrally, the concrete wall behind acted as a uniform frame, top & bottom

-end result is an amazing transformation... the Green-walls not only look smart & attractive, but appear to 'cool-down' the whole area by absorbing harsh sun-light & glare & suddenly the Clients don't have to pull the over-looking blinds down anymore!

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