Easy-way to add greenery to a bare wall- resort foyer gets a 'green-hello'

Resort Foyer was very bare, uninviting & dated, a real 'hard hello' for arriving Guests. Management wanted a cost effective solution, quickly. So they asked us for ideas & costings

-Interior Gardens has developed a quick & effective method of attaching greenery to any wall without adding to or damaging existing structures. This reduces both cost & interruption whilst installing

-we suggested using this method to run a curtain of lush assorted greenery right along mezzanine wall & wrapping around corners at both ends

-using green & variegated vines with assorted large-leaf foliages mixed in to give variation & add interest

-the end result is a Foyer transformed, hard bare walls have been softened by a curtain of plants. Now Guests have a warm 'green-greeting' as they arrive & Management has successfully transformed their foyer with a tight budget & no on-going expense.

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