Gaming-Rooms made more inviting & social distancing compliant with a little Green Help...

Gaming Rooms can become overwhelming & garish easily, with flashing lights & noises everywhere. New social compliance rules also mean machines spaced further apart. To instill a bit of inviting calm while also fill the spaces aesthetically, we suggest adding some strategic greenery to:-

-areas around Entrances, where planters, green-walls etc can entice potential patrons inside

-stark wall & pillars, again green walls work well, taking up little valuable floor space

-built in planter/shelves between consoles, help to social distance & break up long banks of machines

-use free-standing planters for again space & distance compliance & also they can be easily moved to fill voids, block off areas & mark entrance/exit points

the end result of adding strategic Greenery to these Gaming Areas is both for social distancing compliance & the creation of an atmosphere where Patrons feel relaxed, comfortable & stay longer...


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