GREEN is the new BLACK!!- mixed Greenery as Floral Art...

Client was large international hotel chain, with big refurbishment going on in new lobby. They wanted to create a semi-private space within the lobby as a meeting/waiting area, to separate from reception traffic & thoroughfare. They also wanted the latest cool green looks but without constant maintenance causing congestion in this busy area.

-they were thinking florals & asked several suppliers to provide options & suggestions...

-we suggested that florals were a bit dated & showed samples of our deluxe Greenery Bowls. These are like a floral arrangement but 90% assorted greenery with a few flowers for accent

-accepting our proposal, we then installed our large Greenery Bowls, custom made to fit their tall round columns

-because of the scale of these Greenery bowls, we use cut-off foliage from our bigger plants...Traveller & Alexander Palms, Monsterio plants, Elephant-Ear plants- all the really quality artificials are cut down & used, the result being a very highly realistic combination at a very excellent price.

-end result is an elegant & sumptuous green lobby, with planters adding both ambiance & privacy, breaking up a large busy space. Aesthetics + Function to finish off a great refurbishment...

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