Artificial Green Walls installed over mixture of surfaces & angles to create a seamless flow...

Client wanted to dress-up their penthouses roof-top entertainment area but various alterations over time had left an untidy mish-mash.

-Particularly an unsightly wall comprising jutting angles & corners of brick, timber, steel, aluminium mesh, opening doors & glass windows.

-How to unite this eyesore without pulling whole thing down & starting again??

-They asked us for suggestions & we were able to suggest using an artificial green-wall to round-off angles, fit onto doors, cover-over uglies & unite the whole space into a flowing green-wall

-Green-wall was designed to firstly fill & hide corners & level-changes, Other practical solutions were required to attach wall sections to different materials using a variety of fixings


The end result is a continuous flowing & lush green-wall, 'growing' from floor to ceiling, around corners, onto & over opening doors, turning a once eyesore into a beautiful natural-looking feature...


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