Artificial Green Walls with multi-TV screens in Sports Bar...

Sports Club was putting up multi TV screens on wall above bar servery & was concerned that it would look a bit stark. They wanted to add greenery to soften effect but how to achieve without obscuring TV's or mixing water & electricals??!

-we offered a custom-made artificial green-wall solution that

  • fitted dimensions of bar perfectly
  • allowed flat spaces to fit screens into
  • greenery to perfect length so as to not obscure any of screens
  • no problems with ongoing maintenance, watering, trimming of foliage, dead leaves dropping in customers drinks etc
  • attractive mixture of foliage design in a cost-effective solution

-Elsewhere in bar, a larger green-wall ties in with surrounding decor [floral by us also]

End result is a great looking Sports bar with a modern green-feel

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