Hotel refurb with artificial plants inside & out...

Hotel refurb with artificial plants inside & out...


Client has an established & busy inner city Hotel undergoing a modernising refurbishment. New entrances, meals & gaming rooms were well done but still a little bland- a green finishing touch was required.

-we were asked to make suggestions & provided recommendations, photos & costings to supply & install.

-One headache solved was in entrance, windows on one side were no longer required but ripping them out would be expensive. We suggested putting green-walls straight onto glass panels, saving both money & adding greenery at same time

-elsewhere matching planters with UV-treated plants make attractive barriers around walkways, green vines climb over pergolas & lush Heliconia Palms soften corners & screens.

-end result is a Hotel that has a modern feel while still retaining past heritages, with greenery providing required finishing touches...

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