Huge Hanging-Baskets add cosy green feel to Hotel Eatery...

Landmark Hotel required greenery to soften recent renovations. ceilings were high & space was not to scale

-client came to us to design large hanging greenery options to both soften lines & bring scale of room down

-we used a combination of extra large round hanging-baskets [1.5m total diameter] & even bigger trough-shaped baskets [3m long x 90cm wide]

-to avoid the ugly 'bald-patch' in the middle, seen when looking up at most hanging-baskets, we used extra greenery to hide the basket [try doing that with 'live' plants!]

-the long baskets hang well along overhead horizontal support bars & round baskets can hang anywhere below a support with heights easily controlled by chains

-end result is a greener, softer feel in dining area & the hanging-baskets bring down scale of high ceilings to a cosy human level

-all done without losing any valuable floor space, happy Hotelier!


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