Long Green-Wall softens & brightens-up modern sales office...

Long Green-Wall softens & brightens-up modern sales office...

Our Client had a brand new, modern sales office full of square shapes & flat surfaces. Problem was it wasn't very inviting for its elderly clients, a bit cold & sterile was the feel.

-they asked us to come up with a simple, low-maintenance solution

-after consultation, we suggested a bold streak of greenery + bright colour on bare wall space between ground & mezzanine floors

-this would immediately greet clients with a fresher feel & act to soften those square edges

-walls were pre-made to size, we installed on-site, in & out inside 2 hours with a minimum of disruption

-also the harsh minimalist look has had its day, modern interiors welcome & combine with greenery to make more livable, pleasant spaces

-end result was a bit of a WOW factor, with both employees & clients impressed. Office Manager also got a big 'well done' from head office!


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