mobile Planters for Hospice

Client was a hospice & wanted versatile options to sometimes screen, sometimes block-off sections.They required the option of easy convenient moving when required, with plants that are sturdy, easily cleaned & very lifelike...

We used lite-weight terrazzo planter-troughs on lockable castors, with either Bamboos or Dracaenas in & finished with bonded pebbles. This allows planters to be easily wheeled then locked into position...

The cream planters & pebbles look smart & modern with clean colours & finishes. The bamboos soften up the design, providing a screen rather than a block. The Dracaenas give more of an outdoor look, more suited to balconies & entrances...

The result was a very modern look, with clean lines & shapes. Patients were screened but not blocked, also it was easy to move planters to reorganise spaces for different functions, etc



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