Nightclub goes "Jungle-Look"...

Nightclub goes "Jungle-Look"...

The Client was long established with numerous Venues & wanted a strong green-theme to complement their latest nightclub opening on a competitive glitter-strip. They wanted greenery as a backdrop to themed props on walls, ceilings, hall-ways, entrances, signage & even bathrooms!

we achieved this for them by adding greenery to:-


  • green-walls as features in entrance, around arches & on walls in Reception
  • wall-panels of mixed greenery as backing to high-light 'native masks etc'


  • large lush hanging-baskets fill ceilings, catching multi-coloured strobe lights for impressive display
  • 1200mm diameter greenery-discs, moss-backed & covered in mixed foliage with down-lights are hung horizontally from hallway ceilings, obscuring unsightly air-con ducts, electrical cables etc


  • green-walls back neon signage
  • even signage denoting F & M bathrooms are wrapped in moss & back-lit


  • extraordinary use of greenery, walls around mirrors drip lush cascading assorted greenery, this has been set-up as a 'selfie' backdrop!
  • greenery plaques also adorn individual cubicles, no escaping

The end result is a spectacular venue with a strong theme running throughout. Greenery has been used extensively to compliment this theme & produce the desired unique atmosphere...




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