Outdoor raised planter boxes- maintenance problem solved by UV-treated artificials!

Owners of apartment wanted more privacy, people can look into bedrooms, lounge etc from paths & pool area below. External planter-boxes had been built-in, but installing & maintaining soil/plants/mulch/irrigation was very difficult & with screened windows, watering from inside was not possible...

-also they did not want to lose their lovely water views, just screen out lower third of window for privacy.The problem with live plants [if they survive] is that they will keep growing & take out your view!

-we were able to offer a complete solution, suggesting, supplying & installing our UV-treated plants using a simple raised floor, all covered with chip-bark mulch [or pebbles if preferred]

-using just-the-right-size palms to give required privacy, they will stay this perfect height without maintenance. Small ferns at base help to fill the space & add contrast.

-the end result,to quote the Owner- "the feel in the bedroom is so wonderful, seems cooler n more secluded,we absolutely love what you did with the planters, amazing"
privacy, climate control & ambiance, all with no maintenance or ongoing costs...

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