Plant revamp in Apartment Foyer

Hi-rise Appartments wanted to revamp their foyer plants, they asked us for ideas...

We wanted to enhance the modern 'holiday resort feel' & relate to colours & lines in decor. Picking-up the  bright reds on walls & near-by chairs, we chose red ceramic planters in one area. Large Rhapis Palms & Yuccas gave both tropical & modern feel, while closer to red chairs we switched to black planters with Traveller's palms. 


Red Bromilliads in bases of all planters gave continuity & related to neccessary Suculent garden, as explained below...

An existing wall fountain had been out-of-use for some time & needed something to tidy-it-up without expensive rip-out & redo costs. With large black pebbles covering a raised water-grate, we used a high-density urethane sheet with succulents inserted, recovered with pebbles & there-you-are, Succulent Garden...


The result was a very cool & natural-looking foyer & happy clients...

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