Tavern revamp gets a finishing-touch of green!

Tavern revamp gets a finishing-touch of green!


Another tasteful Tavern Revamp with our artificial plants being used to give the finishing-touch of green...

-hanging-baskets in assorted sizes were used in pavilion bar, internal bars & the latest uv-treated greenery in the sunny DOSA area. Hanging-baskets always give the greatest impact/return on $ spent, they also take up no floor space & are virtually maintenance & on-going cost free

-trough planters, some on wheels, were used as attractive screens/barriers to break-up spaces, provide temporary room divides etc [& keep patrons socially distanced!]

-large trees in planters around premises, indoor & out, apart from looking-great & being maintenance free, also break-up large empty spaces & provide barriers where required

the end result is a credit to both Management & Designers, the Tavern has a comfortable, modern new-look that utilises lavish greenery to create a relaxed & popular venue...

arundal tavern baskts before arundal tavern baskts after









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