Trendy E-Marketing Head Office goes green...

Trend-setting E-Commerce company was having plant problems at their head office...they weren't just dying, they were smelly, messy & an eyesore as well. They tried different plants, wasting staff time on gardening instead of business, finally the boss flicked it to the Manager to fix...

-She called us & we were able to come to her office, take measurements, notes, pictures, then email back photo suggestions & costings, also giving a choice of options at different price points

-the Manager was able to take this to her boss for consideration, a few tweaks & we were given the go-ahead

-we pre-make as much as we can in our factory, which reduces time spent installing [during or after-hours]

-after installation the change was immediate, a soft greening of office spaces & screens & especially the feature 2.1m Fiddle-Leaf Ficus, which we custom-made to fit into existing planter as a stunning focal point

-end result...a happy boss & a big well-done to that Manager as she impressed with her ability to get things done... 



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