Using the latest UV-treated artificial Plants outdoor for great looks n privacy...


Client has a lovely waterside villa but because they travel often, struggle to keep potted plants healthy, particularly in outdoor areas. Privacy is also a concern with neighbours able to look into their pool & outdoor entertainment areas from both sides...

-they wanted plants that would-

  • give privacy from neighbours
  • look lush & natural
  • require little to no maintenance

-they called on Interior Gardens to make suggestions & costings

-we were able to suggest positioning, scale & make of plants & planters to achieve optimum effect, using the latest UV-treated artificial plants

-we used taller Cane Palms in the most exposed areas for their extreme robust features & bushy screening shape

-along a fence on deck we used long narrow troughs with Bamboos to create a narrow screen to fit a tight space & give privacy

-a long row of Boxwood Topiary, also in troughs, softens-up a bare wall by entry

-& large feature planters in main entrance are spectacular with masses of assorted UV-treated Ferns & Trailers cascading up & over planters spectacularly

The end result is a series of interconnected lush, green external spaces, providing tranquility & privacy from neighbors & plenty of free time to relax & enjoy... 


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